I like Bugs. (jlygrnmigt) wrote in menstrual_cups,
I like Bugs.

Dry Runs - All Sucky?

Prodded to action by the last post, but inspired by a gajillion others on here, I want to know who actually had a GOOD experience doing a dry run?

I was a lucky gal in that my DivaCup arrived the same day as my period, but I am the odd woman out in this respect. I imagine that I would have done a dry run too if I had gotten it earlier because I was squeeing with delight when I found it in the mailbox.

However, it just seems like so many people here have a bad experience with the dry run and are then scared to use the cup (or are too frustrated or sore) when they actually begin to flow. Having never done it myself, it would be unfair for me to tell people not to try it out in advance, so I figured I'd ask the happy cup-users who did do a dry run. Do you recommend it? Did you have a happy or scary (or other) experience? If bad, did it make it harder for you to want to use the cup during your flow or did you try it and find relief that it wasn't so bad?
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