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cutting the stem neatly

Hi all,

I first started using the Lunette on my last cycle and had moderate success, except the stem really irritates me.  I also have a Keeper Mooncup, but I don't like it as much because the rim is too wide and stiff, which makes removal difficult.  I did a poor job of hacking off the stem on the Mooncup, so I want to know *how* you all cut your stems off (the sharpest thing I have available is an Exacto-type knife).  I'm thinking I might try cutting just 1/2 the Lunette stem off at first and see how that goes (after removing the stem on the Mooncup it was difficult to remove unless I was in the shower and had a lot of time to kill).  I'm not *as* worried about having issues removing the Lunette because in general it's much easier for me to remove and also it has helpful ridges around the base of the cup to make gripping the base easier.


P.S. Sorry if there are already posts on this topic.  I've looked around quite a bit, but couldn't find anything but the instructions on how to bevel the stem, but I don't want to bevel it, I want to hack the thing off!
Tags: stem length/trimming

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