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first time with the keeper!

I'm due to start my period today, so I put my Keeper in (is that what you're supposed to do? Put it in before you start bleeding?)... It's uncomfortable. I trimmed the stem and now wish I didn't - it's pokey and ragged and if I lean I can feel it. I've put it in and taken it out several times. And I think that suction pain some people talk about is going on with me... I'm not having horrible cramps, but it's definitely uncomfortable and I'm definitely aware of it... Yuck. Tips and tricks for a n00b?

Fun fact: I put it in before I came to work, and I'd totally just take it out and put it away, but I left the little bag at home. So I'm stuck, at least until my lunch break! Argh!
Tags: first time use, keeper

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