imafarmgirl (imafarmgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

intro and questions

Today seems to be a day for taking charge of things in my life and making decisions. lol. So I think I want to get a menstrual cup. I've read some and read some in this community but I don't know which cup to buy. Any help and support would be appreciated.

I'm 29 but I am a virgin. I don't have a ton of room in my vagina though I do have a long vaginal conal. I have had problems with tampons being uncomfortable in the past but a lot of people are telling me they were uncomfortable for them and they do fine with cups. I am allergic to most pads and tampons and I'm currently spending a lot of money on natural versions as I do not wish to use cloth pads. I am wondering which cup would be best. If it matters I am blind, however I have a few blind friends using cups. But if one of them has really visual and complicated diagrams then forget it! hahahahaha. I want one that is easy to insert and take out, and I think that is what I'm most interested in. Does anyone have any thoughts?
Tags: disabilities & health problems, insertion, removal, virginity

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