bittersweet (forgiveninasong) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Third cycle with Mooncup UK

Just had my third period using the Mooncup UK and I just want to say that OMG IT IS AMAZING AND I AM NEVER USING ANYTHING ELSE EVER AGAIN! I love it, I love it, I love it.

After a trying first cycle, but a much rewarding one, I found myself actually looking forward to having a period! Second cycle was witness to more adjustment and testing how long I could leave it in without it leaking.

This cycle..everything just seemed to click! I have the insertion all down (C-fold) and am able to take it out fine! A little trouble relaxing on the first removal, but I just took a few deep breaths and pushed downwards...didn't help that I'd just cut my nails, so I couldn't quite get a grip on the remainder of the stem.

All in all, the Mooncup is brilliant and I love it and to anyone who is worrying about their cup not working, or are scared or frustrated -- just give it time and patience. Don't panic, breathe deeply. In the long run, it will be rewarding for you!
Tags: mooncup (uk), success stories
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