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insteads and re-using

I've been using and re-using the same box of insteads for atleast a year now. I usually just rinse them throughout my cycle, and then once my cycle is over i'll either wash them thoroughly or run them through my dishwasher on sanitize. Either way, my philosophy on vaginal cleanliness is that it's largely a self-cleaning organ, i douche very rarely and aside from shaving regularily i don't particularily feel that my vagina needs to be messed with. I also happen to think that north american standards on cleanliness are a little over-zealous and that bacterium in small amounts is not only not harmful, but probably beneficial in order to keep our immune system flexing it's proverbial muscle.

In any case, i've never had a serious vaginal infection aside from the -very- occasional yeastie beastie, but i was wondering... and i KNOW already that the company advises AGAINST re-using, but i was really curious if re-using my cups like i have been could be harmful?

...just curious! Anyone else have tales of re-using? I'm really curious to hear if anyone has -actually- had issues with re-using cups.
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