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Update on my menstrual cup...

Okay so I just got my Diva in the mail last night...I ordered it from lunapads.com, so I got two pantyliners also... man the pantiliners were so SOFT I couldn't believe that a liner could be that soft... and i can wash it and wear it again...wow. So back to my Diva... I looked at it up and down and it looked at me...and we had a brief conversation. So I'm going to do more reading on this community over the weekend because my cycle is due next week... I CAN'T WAIT!!!  So now what... I shall share what goes on between me and Diva and if she is treating me right... I see the little holes at the top... I read somewhere that I should open them up with a needle or a small saftey pin... what do the pros here suggest?  Let me know I will try some techniques over the weekend so I'll be prepared next week when my period finally meet the DIVA!!!  Have a happy period... I hope I will!!!


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