alunatic (alunatic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Benefit of Having Two Cups

I experienced unexplained leaking this month for the first time since I started using menstrual cups, which has been over a year. Background: I started out with a Diva Cup, and bought a Lunette for a back-up so I could carry one around in my purse. I wound up preferring the Lunette because it was easier to insert for me and held a bit more. I've been using it for about six months with no problems.

Well, yesterday was the first day of my cycle and my Lunette kept losing suction! It was very frustrating and annoying - if I just moved wrong or even farted I'd feel it gush. I am positive it was inserted correctly in the first place because I kept checking it over & over, and I'm able to feel to the rim all the way around to make sure my cervix is in the center.

So, I decided to see if I would have better luck with the Diva and VOILA - no more leaking. I have no idea why my body suddenly decided that the Diva fits better this month, but I'm quite relieved that I had a back-up! I'm considering purchasing yet another brand just to have a third back-up!
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting, lunette
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