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Mooncup vs Lunette, insertion standing or sitting?

Just wrote this entire message, went to look up tags and lost the whole thing!  I'm new to this but suppose I'll get the hang of it eventually.

I've been lurking for a while and thanks to this amazing community am into my third cycle partially using the Mooncup (UK).  I started with the Diva but once was enough...was pretty awful.  The Mooncup was much easier.  Only problem is - my period is very heavy (superplus tampon every 3/4 hour) and I feel my body is just laughing at the puny little Mooncup waiting to collect the deluge...  It seems though that the Mooncup is easiest for the learning curve and that once I master (or mistress) it I should go for the Lunette.  Does that make any sense - or should I just stop time-wasting and get the Lunette straight away?

Another question:  Public loos around here are a bit iffy and I want to make sure I can insert standing up before I go out for any length of time.  I'm getting the hang of inserting sitting down - use the punchdown mainly, insert towards tailbone.  Also one member's suggestion of letting it open close to the entrance, gently pushing upwards and pulling down till I feel slight resistance, was extremely helpful.  But I'm stuck (scuse pun) on insertion standing up!  The tailbone thing doesn't work, it lands up half in, half out and totally uncomfortable!  Any suggestions welcome!

Thanks to all for forming this amazing community!
Tags: heavy blood flow, insertion

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