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First time using a cup. Questions and concerns.

Hi ladies, I've been lurking on this community for a while and decided to purchase a Diva Cup from my local health food store. I just started my period today and am using the cup for the first time.  I have a couple questions and concerns.

I'm not having a ton of pain putting it in or taking it out, but once the cup is inside, I'm having killer cramps, feeling nauseous, sore almost everywhere below my belly button (even my feet o.O) and as if I need to poo (even though I don't). I don't know if this discomfort is normal at all...has anyone else experienced anything like this? If you have, is there any way to relieve this discomfort?

I also have the feeling that you get when you have a tampon in too low and logically I know that this probably means that the cup is too low, but I'm wary of putting the cup too high because I have NO idea where my cervix is and I don't want to end up with my cervix inside the cup. Is there any way to check and see how far inside you should keep your cup? Also, mine keeps riding up. I have a fear of losing it inside of me.

When the cup is inside, I can't twist it around. Is that alright? I would think that if you could twist it around, the suction wouldn't be strong enough.

I haven't had any leaks in the past 5 hours or so that I've been wearing it, though I'm not really doing much more than sitting in front of the computer. I would really like this to work because I have a very, very heavy flow and feel responsible for at least half of all pad/tampon waste and would really like to use something reuseable and more eco-friendly. Thanks.
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