wanderingstars9 (wanderingstars9) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I recently had a weird experience in this community and I think you should all be aware of it.

In this post , a girl offered to sell her Moon Cup UK for $20 cash only. I assumed this was because she said she was 16 and probably didn't have a bank account so didn't want checks. She told me a week ago that she had sent out the cup, and I still haven't gotten it (but she lives in California and I'm in NY and it's only been a week).

I tried to e-mail her, and her e-mail account was deleted. As was her LJ account.

I'm still going to give it some time because it has only been a week... but this is getting pretty sketchy. Considering her e-mail and LJ are deleted and I haven't gotten the cup yet, I'm pretty sure I got screwed. I would generally like to think that the women on here are pretty trustworthy but apparently that's not always the case, so be careful.
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