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The Infamous Diva Cup

Hi all...this is my first post.  I recently ordered the Diva Cup after numerous readings on how lovely it is and so on.  I'm never heard of a menstrual cup a day in my life, so when I heard about the Diva Cup I was in aw.  I never knew anything of it's kind existed.  I really thought women all around the globe used either pads or tampons...silly me.  Anyway it hasn't arrived yet, but I'm anxiously waiting.  I ordered my Diva Cup with some Lunapads pantyliners.  So I'm getting the best of both worlds at once.  Who knew I would be so excited about a menstrual product!  I know you guys may find it wierd but I was always intrigued with my period.  I was never one to shy away from the blood.  I would try to get a closer look at it (especially the clots) and I always saw it as just a natural part of me.  The advertising that is done these days about feminine "hygiene" products are ridiculous.  Alot of the things on the market are out there to make women feel as though their bodies are "un-natural" and "un-clean" and that's just not true.  I believe that when I start using my all natural menstrual products that my body will thank me for it.  I am very prone to bacteria infections in my vaginal area...my doctor told me to stop using unscented products and to start using unscented dove soap... I believe my extensive tampon usage had something to do with my bacteria infections.  I stopped using pads because the "dri-weave" keep drying my skin out leaving rashes... isn't that crazy.  Anyway ladies if you have any advice about my Diva before she arrives let me know... I heard the directions that come with it are not all that good, so can you ladies let me know where to find some operative directions so i can have a happy experience with my Diva... I shall update you guys on my Diva and hope that everyone is having a truly "happy" period!
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