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Update: Lunette is a success

On the first day of my period, I had trouble inserting it. I had to sit on the floor with the mirror. Anyway...
now Im on my second day of period. I've managed to insert without a problem. I dont even have to sit on the floor anymore. I just squat. It also takes less than 5mins. Horray! I empty my cup three times a day. Oh now onto the removal part, removing it doesnt hurt as before. But it's quite a long and tedious process. When I press the bottom to break the seal, I find that it doesnt really break the seal?
Here's what I do. I think it needs improvement.

First I push it out. Then I reach and press onto the base. Push somemore. Try to pull it out further. Sometimes my fingers get tired and I stop pressing onto the base. Will it like re-seal or something? Then I try to fold the cup. I cant really fold it well. But I realise that when I fold the cup, the other half of the cup will get unsuctioned and then I can remove it. Also I got to turn it a bit sidewards to remove it.

Isnt it weird? I think previously when I removed it and it hurt is because I didnt fold the cup. So I pulled out the cup when it's still suctioned onto my cervix.

Do you all manage to avoid spilling the blood? Whenever I remove it, quite a lot spills out. Luckily Im always at home when I remove it, so I can wash it. But is there anyway to remove without spilling?

Anyway I want to end off by saying. I've not experienced any leakage. The cup opens without a problem. I use the 7 fold. It's easy to clean too. Lunette is great.
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