bruised_d0ll (bruised_d0ll) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Tried my lunette for real this time

The other time I posted taking the lunette for a test run. It didnt work out too well. Today my period came. It was equally hard as the first time inserting. I had to sit with a mirror in front of me and I had to open my leg all over. It took 10-15mins. Anyway I think it leaked? But Im not sure if it leaked because earlier the sides of the cup were stained with blood. Im wearing a pantyliner just in case.
I went to poop which was quite uncomfortable because I felt my cup coming out as well. It moved a little. It leaked too. So Im not sure if it's because my cup didnt open properly or it leaked because it moved downwards.
But after that, Im still wearing the pantyliner. It didnt leak anymore. So Im assuming my cup opened properly? It leaked earlier because it moved?
Im kinda worried how Im going to remove it later. I still dont know how to fold it. It hurts when I remove because I think the rim of the cup is very wide. urghhh.
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