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Mooncup = *Gushes*

I've just finished my second cycle with the Mooncup UK and yes this is a ''I'msoinlovewithit'' post i'm afriad! ;)

So I found out about the Mooncup through a Nanny Forum (i'm a Nanny) where loads of members who have got one can't praise it highly enough! I checked out the website and yet more testimonials. I said that's definitly something i'd like to check out but then just left it. Then after starting my period early and not having any tampons in the house I decided next month i'm definitly getting a cup! That often happend to me. I just forget to buy the damn things! I heh at the fact I never have to again :D

I can't remember if I joined this community before getting the mooncup or after but reading all your posts definitly made me excited about using it! I tried a dry run which was fine (punch down works perfect for me) until I thought I couldn't get it out. Eventually I did of course and put it away until my period started. I actually planned on buying some tampons just incase mooncup didn't work for me (naughty!). Luckily though I forgot AGAIN and had to rely on just the cup. And I'm so glad I never wasted £2 on that stupid box of tampons because I didn't need them!

On the first day I experienced some cramps, quite worse than my normal cramps but there was absolutly no leaking so I marked it as a success! The cramps have not come back and when using tampons I had quite bad cramps always on the first 2 days of my period yet this cycle I can't even tell it's my period at all! How fantastic!
Anyway, the first cycle ended and I was totally amazed by how perfect it was that I actually couldn't wait for my next period to come because I hadn't yet tested the Mooncup during a work day < I don't think I could of ever imagined being excited for my next period ?! :|

So this cycle started on a Monday morning before work. Perfect? lol. I wore the cup all day, no cramps, no leaking and changed it when I got home. Amazing! My first two days are, for me, very heavy. I'd usually have to change a super tampon twice at work which was a right pain and i'd usually leak more than a few times throughout my period. I can't believe this thing holds everything and this week I seriously forgot I was on my period.

The cup can go fine for about 12 hours (probably more) which is excellent. Another reason I used to hate my period was I would have to change at the latest possible moment before bed and then wake up really early to make sure I didn't leak. I'm not a morning person! However, i've noticed with the cup there's only half of the amount of blood at night than there is in the day.
I've been taking it out and washing in the shower and then soaking it in very hot water in the sink (not boiled) for a minute or two before returning it to its bag. So far looks as good as new.

And of course I love the fact that i'm helping the environment. I hated the thought of all those tampons in the sea and pads in landfills. I've always planned on using cloth nappies for any children I might have so using a cup seems obvious. If only i'd known before. I also like the fact that if I have a daughter of my own I can show her this different, better menstural product! My Mum and Nan told me some right horror stories from starting their periods! My Nan used to have 1 rag that she'd have to clean out everynight. Can you imagine that? Periods made her hate being a female and they made me hate it too when I first started and pads leaked constantly! The cup has really changed everything for me and I just wish it was more commercial and that doctors etc reccomended it. Do you think they'll start showing the cup in sex education lessons? I remember we were shown pads and tampons and given trial packs. I really think they should!

Just keep posting all your experiences with your cups as I really enjoy reading them and thanks for all the advice!
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