Rini (stafferchick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Actually bleeding?

When I woke up this morning, I noticed something felt weird, but not really painful, but it didn't feel right (like a pinch)...
Yesterday was my first day with my diva cup--and besides for it repositioning itself, sometimes to uncomfortable places (especially when I urinated), everything was fine. So I thought I'd be okay to sleep with it in...

I didn't notice blood on my underwear... but as soon as I looked in the toilet, there was blood--and it looked a bit different than my normal menstrual flow... When I went to remove my cup, there was blood on my fingers... This was the bright red blood like if your cut yourself..
In the past, I've had times when I've bleed from my period while in the bathroom, that was always a different, darker shade of red...
The thing is, when I went to remove the cup, the seal wasn't broken... And it took a bit more finessing to get it out--though it wasn't really any more painful than other times (still figuring out the removal process)...

So I'm wondering... could something have happened?
Or am I just confused and don't know my flow like I thought I did?

There still is this slight pain feeling, and without the cup in it feels sort of like there's a cut...
the stem's caused some pain, like it was rubbing or pinching part of my vagina--but I always thought it wasn't in high enough--but it felt high this morning...

(I took it out, and am now using a pad just for the remainder of the morning)

Any suggestions??

It began bleeding again... and after attempting to feel around, the blood is not coming from my vaginal opening... there's also this flappy skin/flesh near the opening that just doesn't seem right...
Could I have possibly torn part of the opening?
(I'm sort of doubting this, because it's not majorly painful--though I've had some really bad pains removing it yesterday...)
I'm more confused then ever... but this definitely doesn't seem like menstrual blood... I really do think something is bleeding now...
(12:26 EST/US)
Tags: chafing/irritation, first time use
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