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? re diva cup/changes in menstrual cycle

I've been using my Diva Cup for several months now and I'm beginning to wonder about something. My last two cycles have been different than the first 3-4 using the Diva Cup. Last month I didn't have any PMS symptoms and the flow was MUCH lighter than the previous post-partum period flows. I think maybe I didn't ovulate. This month I definitely had PMS symptoms (emotional, crabby, craving junk, some cramps), and though I was a week late, the cycle started out like the other PPP - a couple of days of spotting and then into heavier flow. HOWEVER - that's where the similarities w/ PPP end, and the similarities w/ my previous cycle (the extra-light one) start. I've had 1 probably 2/3 full and 2-3 maybe 1/2 full cup this cycle; the rest have been scant/trace. Even from ~12 hours inserted. When I started out using the Diva Cup I'd get several nearly full cups and even more 1/2 full ones during the course of my period.

So - is it normal for AF to change this significantly w/ Diva Cup usage? The lack/diminishing intensity of the cramps, as well as a shortening, lightening of the amount of flow? Was it abnormal before or is it abnormal now?

I do have PCOS which certainly could effect it. I don't know if PPP flow was excessive because it was post-partum or because I've used pads and the occasional tampon for the last 20 years.. until a few months ago. It is hard to determine comparisons to periods where I used pads or tampons (mainly for shower or swimming times) because it's a different collection method w/ the Diva Cup. This is definitely much less quantity based on the other months of Diva Cup usage. Kinda nice, but also kinda weirding me out. LOL. I'd just like to know if this is normal or not.

Thanks in advance

Melissa F.

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