Flower Child...cries in a corner (dfa1969) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Flower Child...cries in a corner

Curiosity...Lead Alice Down A Rabbit Hole

That's pretty much me right now...uhm, I just joined Livejournal. Because I was doing some research on alternative menstrual products, and I ran into this community. I read through a bunch of posts, and laughed a little because I've been seeking a better alternative to the Instead Softcup. I think those things should come in different sizes. It seems a little big to me, are they all like that? Anyway, now that I'm way off topic, I figured I'd join because two heads are better than one...except the fact that there are definitely more than two people  in this community...wow, I should just not ramble. Anyways, I'm sixteen, and I want to know which cup to buy/which would be better for me. I'm ubersmall, so I have trouble finding things that I can use comfortably. If you can help me, that would be phantasmagorical.

Tags: instead, sizes/size issues
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