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Finally! Success with the Diva

Oy, the first cycle was hell.  I couldn't manage it without pain.

The second cycle was a bit better - I managed to get it in and out, but it wasn't very comfortable.

Then I found this community.  Thanks Guys!  I think I would have given up if it weren't for you.

I found this folding techniques entry saved the day:

It took some practice, but I got the hang of the Oragami fold.  I tried it today for a "dry run" - IT WORKED! I got it in easily with no pain!

I'd also learned from my previous bumbling how to aim the cup when I was inserting it (for me I need to dip it down towards my feet and then tilt it up) and I learned that gently turning it in like a screw is easier than simply pushing straight ahead.  I learned to avoid my urethera.  I learned to let the cup open when it's just past my pubic bone and then gently push it up.  And I trimmed the stem right off - whoah, did that ever make a difference in the comfort.

Removing I used the finger forceps move I described here: to get it out, and in addition to this, I folded the cup into the "C" fold before I tried to remove the rim.  Painless!  HA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

I imagine this refolding is going to be messy when I use the cup on my heaviest days.  Perhaps I will further develop my technique.  I'm just so thrilled because next month I'm going camping for a week and guess what?  Aunt Flo is coming with me.  

I'll bring some luna pads for backup, but I now have confidence in the Diva.  

I think I will still purchase a mooncup UK since I've read so many good things, and many people who have the same troubles with the Diva as I have had say the mooncup UK is easier to use.

At least the Diva will work for now, and the $40 Canadian wasn't a waste.  He hee!  I'm so happy.
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