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My first few days with the Diva.

Well, my period finally arrived on Saturday. I happily shoved the cup up there and went about my day (although I admit to emptying it ever hour or so. I was just so excited!). I was amazed out how comfortable it felt and how it seemed to be virtually leak-proof. I even went swimming in it! I did notice the stem poking me a bit when I stood up if I had been sitting for awhile, so I cut it off. Just a little snip at first, but I finally ended up chopping the entire thing off. That took care of that!

Sunday was picture perfect. I had a lot to do so I only checked on it twice (about every six hours). I expected to find a leak every time I went to the bathroom, but I never did! Yay!

However, this morning was very...not okay. I emptied it at midnight before I went to sleep. I woke up at 6:00 AM just knowing that I had leaked. I got to the bathroom and sure enough, blood was everywhere. All over my shorts (that actually belonged to The Fiancé. sorry babe!), all over my thighs and legs (and soaking the sheets, I learned, when I tried to go back to sleep). It was bad. I tried to take out the cup and met (very painful) resistance. I could not break the seal like I normally do (just bearing down and pinching the bottom). I had to stick my finger up there and actually pull back on the rim to get it to move at all. Even then, I could not get it to fold at all. I am officially deeming that removal the most blindingly painful experience of my entire life. My poor vagina is still sore.

Nevertheless, I reinserted the cup and, so far, things have been okay. I have not tried to remove it, though. I'm a little scared. Perhaps I will just keep it in for the rest of my life. Hah!

So, I guess I'm wondering if it's normal for the cup to become difficult to remove when it is full? I certainly hope not, because I imagine that it will overflow often overnight (I guess I'll just have to start wearing underwear and a pad to keep the mess under control, though that defeats half the purpose of the cup anyway), at least on my heavier days.

All in all, it has been a good experience. I'm glad that I've got it, but I suppose it will take awhile to perfect the skill.

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