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Another Diva cup removal tip

I'm still mastering my diva cup - I used it for a few hours for my last cycle, and they jury's still out.  I think I might try the Lunette because it seems to be thinner silicone and have a slimmer rim.

Anyway, after reading the removal tips I thought I'd share this technique which I developed while squatting on my bathroom floor.  I call it:  "The Finger Forceps"

I can not get my thumb inside my vag.  Ow.  It's just not going to happen.  Once I trimmed the stem off the Diva it was more comfortable to wear, but when I tried to remove it - I couldn't get a grip!  Ack!

Here's my trick:  Slide two fingers inside and find the bottom of the cup.  Spread your fingers in the "peace" sign so that you're creating a pair of tweezers with your fingers.  Curl the tips of your fingers back and squeeze!  

I find that this, along with the pressure from my vaginal walls, will allow the first knuckles of my fingers to grip the bottom of the cup.  The very bottom tip of the cup is hard and doesn't bend, so if you're squeezing above it, your knuckles will hook on to the cup just like a hammer claw pulling out a nail.  

This technique helps me get the bottom of the cup to the outside of my my vagina and that's when I grab it with my other hand's thumb and forefinger.  Then I go back in with the first index finger to break the suction and guide the cup out.

I hope this helps!  

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Diva vs the Lunette or any other silicone cup?

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