sophieholloway (sophieholloway) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Keeper love!

Yeah, you ladies were right. I love my little Keeper.

The first foray with it was not so good. Trouble getting it in, and then I was nervous about it, I guess, so I clenched my vaginal muscles a bit more than I ususally do. In about 15 minutes it was so high up I wasn't sure I would ever get it down! The suction was INTENSE! I thought I was going to turn myself inside out trying to get that bad boy out of me!

I waited a while, to let my poor little va-jay-jay relax.

Second go, still had trouble getting it in. Using my brain, I placed it very low, and then stood up and gave two little clenches, and there she was. Right where she should be!

I did find that I should empty it every two hours rather than waiting longer. It was waaaaaayyyyy up there. I thought I would need a speculum, a mirror and a miner's helmet to get a grip on it and break the suction.

Other than that, I loooooove it.

Has anyone had success in widening the holes around the rim to lessen suction?
Tags: seal & suction

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