lcpunk (lcpunk) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Moon Cup by Keeper

So I ordered my moon cup on Sunday. The money was taken out of the account on Wednessday but I haven't got an e-mail saying that the order has been recieved or that it has been shipped. So yesterday I e-mailed them and I still haven't heard any thing.
Here are the questions.

1. shouldn't they have e-mail me at least letting me know that the order was recieved?
2. Has anyone else had this happen?

Oh and I ordered it from I also called the 1 800# and the women said that she can't look anything up but she could give me the address to write them, Are you kidding me!

Does anyone have a # that I could use to get through to someone that can look up orders?

Thank you.
Tags: keeper company, keeper moon cup
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