sophieholloway (sophieholloway) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey y'all.

I've been wanting to get a cup forever, but kept putting it off. Today while at my local hippy co-op, I noticed that they had Keepers, so I picked one up.

I used pad for years, in fact at 27 (last year) I finally started using tampons due to starting up as a burlesque dancer. When I used pads, i hated the feeling of clots and whatnot leaking out of me, so I think i started subconciously clenching my vaginal muscles when menstruating.

I still do it, though a bit less, I think, since I have stopped pushing out my tampons all the time. (That first flow using the tampons was... interesting.)

What I'm wondering is how this will affect the cup.

Any guesses, or has anyone experienced something similar?
Tags: keeper
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