heavenkittykat13 (heavenkittykat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small lunette or Mooncup UK B


I am new here and I made my first post here a couple of days ago. I have decided to try and buy a cup even though I have an IUD since I now know several people who have been successfully using a cup AND an IUD. My strings are left pretty long so I wanted to have a rather short cup. the small lunette and mooncup UK are both short but which one do you think should I get? I'm 19 and I've heard that the small lunette are for younger teens. I also have a rather heavy mentrual period because of the paragard. So I should get the mooncup right? If so, I am kinda worried if I will be able to feel it as I don't like the feeling of something stuck in there. Any advice? Thanks in advance
Tags: iud

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