Ruth (punktasticchick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Heavy/Weird Bleeding

I'm having my period and using the Keeper, as usual - the timing on this period was regular, but I'm experiencing some really strange bleeding today, the fourth day of the period, which is usually when it lightens up. I noticed that about one hour after emptying my cup midday that I was "experiencing Keeper failure" - meaning my cup was full - sometimes that happens on very heavy days. When I emptied it though, I noticed that not only was there the usual blood (which was bright red) there were also some fairly substantial pieces of tissue (sorry! graphic!). Ok, whatever, I figured, maybe it's just my body getting rid of everything...One hour LATER though, and the same thing happens, and the blood is bright red, and still very chunky - it happened again like four cupfuls in a span of four hours.

I'm not in any pain, but I'm curious whether I might be experiencing an early miscarriage? Seeing as I am not trying to get pregnant, this doesn't bother me, but I was wondering. I've never experienced such a chunky or unusual flow. I also have a copper IUD which I've had with no complications for a year and a half. Should I be resting or eating lots of iron rich-foods or something? I feel pretty much fine besides being irritated that I chose to wear khaki pants today.
Tags: heavy blood flow

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