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cups in the backcountry

 Okay, so I had the backcountry tampon/pad routine pretty well dialed in, but now I have a cup.

Next week I'm leaving to go backpacking for 12 days out west.  Of course, I'll have my period right in the middle of it.  I've had a keeper for a couple of months now, but after my last run with it I got a yeast infection, although I think it was soap related.  Anyway, I freaked and got a divacup just in case it had anything to do with the rubber.  I've done a couple of dry runs with the diva and like it just fine.  I'm a little concerned about reoccurring yeast infections as they've been an ongoing problem for me for several years.  I picked up some acidophilus today to take with me as a precaution.  I've also got a little bottle of Dr.B's peppermint for cleaning the cup (I've learned my lesson about washing it too frequently and the ugly on deoderant soap).  So I think I've got all of my bases covered.

My real question pertains to clean water.  It seems that has been discussed here previously and the upshot was always to use some sort of "treated" water.  I'll be using iodine on this trip to treat my water.  How's iodine (obviously extremely diluted) on/in female parts?  I'm using it to treat water that I suspect would most likely carry Giardia or Cyptosporidium which both mostly cause digestive problems.  If water contaminated with those was entering your body in other ways (like via a cup) are you going to get sick from it?  It's a pretty small amount anyway, probably less than most people drink while swimming in water that may or may not be contaminated.  If you swam in that water too, wouldn't it get up inside as well?  Or, at least have the potential to?  Could we assume that any water you would swim in would be safe to rinse your cup with? (away from the source of course).

What have others done on extended backcountry trips?  This is a wilderness trip and there will be no access to running water, outhouses or pit toilets for 12 days.
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