bitchofbathory (bitchofbathory) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Factory sealed DIVAcup for sale


I purchased a diva cup about 2 months ago via internet. My situation is this: i purchased the diva with environmental concerns in mind, plus reducing TSS likelihood and resistance against non-organic/ non-hypoallergenic substances on or in my body is something highly appealing to me at this point in my life. I was ever so excited to try the cup having heard great reviews about menstrual cups in this community and elsewhere. However, it has been sitting in my linen closet for about two months now because I had my hormonal IUD inserted shortly before the diva cup arrived at my home. Since my IUD insertion, my periods so far (having always been a little on the lighter/shorter side) nearly stopped and I feel that with very light spotting, using a cup is really unnecessary. i may purchase a cup down the line someday but as of now, i would prefer to pass on the things i have no use for to someone who may really benefit. please, if you are interested in purchasing a brand new diva cup, never-ever used, still factory sealed (it comes with a cute little discrete fabric pouch), please contact me and/or leave comments here. my email address is i have paypal registered with my business email address. i purchased the cup for 32 US dollars plus 2 dollars shipping and i would prefer to get at least 30 dollars as it is perfectly new and only having been shipped from the distributor 2 months ago. please leave your comments and price offers in this thread so that others may be privy to the bid as it stands. thanks for reading and take care.

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