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Used Mooncup UK for sale

Hi, I've been watching this commuity for a while and decided to get a mooncup uk which had good reviews. But it didn't really work out for me (I prefer cloth pads). But I'm sure someone else might want it since this community seems too like mooncup uk's in general. So, I'm not sure if its allowed to post a sale, but I'm offering my mooncup uk which was just used once for $20. It's been boiled so I'm sure its clean enough. I just used it for one day for a few hours to be clear. Oh, and it comes with the bag too. And its size B the smaller size. Here's a picture too.

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Edit: I used the cup once and boiled it so it should be okay right? I don't have AIDs anyways. I would buy a used cup but that's just my opinion.

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