heavenkittykat13 (heavenkittykat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

IUD and cups

I've never used cups in my entire life. I am currently using cloth pads but I discovered that I don't have enough time to wash time and I find it pretty icky and tedious. I really want to try using menstrual cups. The problems is that I have an IUD. I have looked at the memories about this but most of them have used the cups BEFORE the IUD so they got used to it. I have my IUD for a year already and now I want to use the cups but I'm concerned since I haven't had any practice in placing the cups and removing it w/o the IUD. Also my strings were left pretty long (about 2 inches) though they always curl on my cervix.

I also wanted to know which brand of cups will be IUD-friendly and will pose less threat in yanking my IUD out based on its size, etc.
Tags: iud
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