goonterwhy (goonterwhy) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I used the DivaCup for the first fews days of my period, and everything was going fine. The last time I used it, I did what I normally do, bear down, pinch the base, and pull out slowly. This time, though, as I pulled i experienced this intense pain! So I stopped trying to pull it out, and tried to push it back up instead. Bad decision. It hurt. When I tried to stick my finger to the top of the cup to break the seal, it caused even more pain. Finally I managed to breake the seal and got it out, but since then (three days ago) my vagina has been sore and itchy. It is definitely improving, but it still feels like I have a tampon in wrong, and I've just been using pads. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? My friend thinks that I should I get a pap and ask a doctor if the cup is safe to use, but I feel like that might be unnecessary. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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