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Edit: Thanks everyone for some helpful and encouraging replies! I'm now much more inclined to use diva while away, which is great! I'm gonna bring some tampons with me just in case, and give them to a friend if I don't use them all. Of course, if anyone has anything different to add, then I'd still love to hear it!

Hey everyone!

Anyone here been to China with their cup before? Any advice? I''m gonna have to deal with polluted  water and squat toilets!

I'm going in September for a class trip for 5 weeks. I will bring along my diva if I have any chances of using it, but unfortunately I don't think I will be able to due to the water quality over there. Of course there are things I could do to get around this. For example carry a water bottle around everywhere which sounds simple, but I think is a real inconvenience, especially when I'm just trying to enjoy myself in a foreign country (btw I'm Aussie).

I also have a bit of trouble with leaking sometimes (I'm slowing getting better) so I'll wear backup lunaliners, and as I say later on washable products may not be suitable.

Because I've been using the diva since feb 06 I know I can't go back to normal pads, and reusable would be an option if I wasn't traveling around everywhere, having to use public washing machines etc. So I would be using tampons. I was 16 when I got my diva and previous to that I had only used pads, so there was really no point in using tampons, but I tried one a month or two ago just to see what they were like, and anticipating China.

So for my circumstances I think using tampons is the best option. It's only one period anyway (maybe two, or maybe even none cauce I'm a little effed up sometimes!)

So yeah.. just wondering if anyone had any advice and or suggestions. Another thing I'm thinking is.. The water is unsuitable to drink, but would it be suitable for washing my diva? I must admit I don't know exactly what is the problem with China's water..

Looking forward to your thoughts!

ps. sorry bout the lack of tags, have no idea where this would fit. cup use and.. travel?? cleaning?
Tags: camping & backpacking

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