juliabedulia (juliabedulia) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette question

So I'm pumped that my raving about my Diva got my mom interested enough to try a cup. We ordered a Lunette for her last month, but it arrived too late to use then. She got her period last week and tried it then (I showed her a couple different folds and such). I asked her how it went and she said that it was wicked painful to insert and that she just gave up. Apparently she was just getting over a YI, which I figure had something to do with the pain. But what's weird is that tampons didn't bother her. I dunno.
Also, a few days later she was feeling better so she tried the cup again. She has very heavy bleeding (two super plus tampax--at once--changed every two hours) during days 2-3, and it filled in about two hours. We had picked the Lunette in the hopes of avoiding this problem! (Note: her gyn is aware of the level of bleeding. She'll be 50 next month and this is just menopause screwing with her.) Plus, when she took it out, she got blood everywhere. I told her that that part would definitely get better with practice; it certainly did for me.
I'm just a little confused by the pain thing and wonder why a cup would hurt where tampons do not. It's definitely not a psychological thing. She's willing to try it again, but frustrated.
Any advice?
Tags: heavy blood flow, insertion - painful or problems, lunette

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