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Hi all,

I've been scanning the memories and the amount of (really excellent) information was overwhelming, and sometimes conflicting, so I thought I'd make a quick post before I have my Paragard inserted tomorrow so I can maybe get some last-minute opinions.

I currently use a cup, but am planning to take a hiatus for at least three months while the IUD settles. I do plan on using my cup again, though, so I wanted to be ready to ask to have my strings shortened-- if, of course, that's the best route. For those of you who use a cup with your IUD, do you prefer the strings shorter or longer? My cervix is low during my period, and sits inside my cup, from what I can tell.

I also welcome any last-minute advice, "I wish I'd known _____"s, or even words of reassurance! I'm a little nervous, though this comm has done wonders to calm me down.

Thanks very much!

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Sarasarasnee on July 7th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC)
You might want to check out the iud_divas community. I don't have an IUD but I will say - good luck! :)