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First day and cramping

I got a DivaCup a week or two ago, did a dry run, and it seemed fine. I inserted and removed it with no trouble, all thanks to this community! This morning, I started my period and inserted the cup. I couldn't really tell if it was in the place it was supposed to be, had opened all of the way or sealed, but I checked it in an hour and it seemed to have sealed perfectly well because the cup was starting to fill. I was pleasantly surprised by how little trouble I had, but after about half an hour, I started having dull cramps. After another hour, I was cramping so badly and so nauseated that I had to leave work. I removed the cup as soon as I got home, took some pain killers, and the pain and nausea went away in about an hour. I frequently feel a little nauseated on the first day of my period, but these cramps were worse than I have ever had before. I've read through some of the memories and seen that this seems to be a common teething problem, and I really want this to work.

So my question is do you think I should just put the cup back in and (now that I'm no longer at work) suffer through the pain as long as I can or give myself a break and try again next month? And do these cramps mean that I need to work on the placement of the cup?

UPDATE: I reinserted it a few hours later and wore it pain-free for five hours! I tried a different fold when I reinserted it, so I wonder if that might have made a difference.
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