sleeping_bear_9 (sleeping_bear_9) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Keeper, spiny things, yeast infections

I bought a keeper several months ago and have been loving it very much.  This past run with it didn't go as well as the others.  I spent the weekend at a friend's house and was at the mercy of their soap (Irish Spring deoderant soap) for cleaning.  When washing it I noticed that it got these wierd "spiny things" all over it, almost like grains of sand, but they seemed stuck to the rubber.  I chocked it up to the soap and tried to ignore it.  Now, a day after my period has ended I'm all itchy down below.  It feels like a yeast infection (which I'm very prone to).  I've read up on the other posts about latex alergies, the keeper and yeast and have already placed an order for a diva cup.  I love my keeper, but I'm NOT dealing with these ongoing problems anymore.  Tampons always gave me yeast infections and all sorts of problems.  I'm done with it.

So, I think switching cups (and not using crappy soap) will solve my problems.  However, I'm really curious about the spiny things on my cup.  Has anyone else had this happen or know what it is?

Tags: cleaning, keeper
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