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Nother Success Story

I've posted here before, ecstatic about finally figuring out my Mooncup UK. I had a small Divacup before that (which I now cannot find for the life of me), and switched to the large Mooncup in January due to opening problems. Namely, the Diva never sealed for me. I think that I could figure it out now that I've figured out the Mooncup, but I can't find it to say that for sure, haha.

This has seriously been the best period I've ever had. In the morning with my shower, I use the C-fold to insert the cup, make sure it's open around (there's still an indentation where my pubic bone is but it doesn't seem to make a difference), do a couple kegels in and out, and I am secure.

Last time I posted, I was still getting a lot of air bubbles and leakage. I figured out that it was from air releasing when my cup rode up. Why was it riding up? Kegels! I kept instinctively doing "inward" kegels to keep the cup in place. This cycle, I've been bearing down to counteract the 'in' kegels, and the cup stays down at the entrance.

I'm just so excited, and I wanted to tell everyone out there to just KEEP TRYING! Perseverance is the key with this product, and once you figure it out, you won't regret it! Believe me, I was a weirdo who took over a year. ;)
Tags: mooncup (uk), success stories

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