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The Keeper/Moon Cup company.


First of all, I want to say that I have NO attachment to the Keeper company, other than being a VERY satisfied costumer, and having several friends who like me, are extremely happy with their products.

I do NOT sell, any menstrual cups, of any brand.

I just want to say that it makes me sad when people repeat constantly how much they dislike the Keeper/Moon Cup.

We do have things to thank them. For example:

1. They were the First company to successfully manufacture and sell menstrual cups in our modern days. For many years, they battled being the little guy lost in the immense sea of disposable products. It is true, they did not invent menstrual cups, but they worked with the great idea, perfected it until it worked as great as it does now, and made menstrual cups available to us and the generations to come. They resurrected this concept. Without them it would have been lost.

2. If they hadn't hung in there for so many years, other companies (as in Diva, Mooncup and Lunette) wouldn't be here today. If you notice, they didn't innovate very much on the menstrual cups. Yeah, Mooncup is shorter (which works better for some women), Lunette has a tiny little bit of more capacity and a flat stem (which IMO is no big deal, as only a fool would let her cup fill to the rim regardless of the brand, and most people cut off the stems, flat or round. And Diva is the worst of all the worlds. It is long, hard and it feels rather scratchy when it is being inserted. If the keeper hadn't succeeded, probably no one else would have tried to get a share of this market.

3. They pack with the BARE minimum of materials. People complain about the presentation... Uh... aren't we against trash going to landfills? Why do we need a fancy little box, with a plastic window and a pin? I very much prefer the discrete manila envelop.

4. The Keeper and Moon Cup by keeper WORK. They work GREAT. It is a very balanced product. It has a greater capacity than Mooncup, yet, it is shorter than the Diva. For most women, it opens very easily. And it is cheaper than Lunette. Comes with a guarantee too. I highly recommend them.

5. Shipping is prompt and costumer service is superb.

6. They are an American company, and if you are American, you should support the companies that actually PRODUCE their stuff in this country, and they manage to do it a very reasonable price. It should make you proud.

7. They give you options. Latex or Silicon? Before or after Pregnancy?

8. Not what you expected? Return it within 3 months, as long as you didn't do away with the whole stem. It sure beats Lunette and Moon Cup, who will gladly "walk you through the process" but not let you return the used product if you are not satisfied. Yeah, Diva has one year guarantee. Thank heaven! It is not a very good product. My friends and myself who have tried it, were not satisfied with it, and some could return it, and most of us couldn't do it depending on where we bought ours. Out of 7 people, only two got their money back, as they didn't honor the guarantee for the rest of us.

9. Obscure business practices? Do we REALLY know happened? How can we point fingers at either side without having ALL the information on how the cups were named. I mean, for all we know, maybe Mooncup stole the name from Moon Cup. And yes, industrial espionage happens. And personally I have been a victim of it, and yes, the competence can come up with a product sooner than you that has been planning it all along and investing money and time in developing an idea. So, without knowing exactly what happens, we can not have a verdict on who the guilty party is.

10. Confusing to buy it? Well, people should learn to actually *read* the fine print of every transaction they are involved with in their life. It is not the companies fault someone gets confused. It is the people who do not do their homework. Bought it on E-bay and it was not the brand you wanted? Well, either you didn't read the whole auction, or the SELLER is the scammer. Not the company who originally manufactured either cup.

11. They give opportunities to any WHAM to sell their products and make money on them. Unlike Lunette and Mooncup, who have their "chosen few" who can sell it. Yeah, Diva makes it easy too, but geez... they don't really back you up when costumers try to return the product, and considering it is not the best of the crop, I'd hate to sell it. ( I do not know this for a fact, but this is the feeling I got when I tried to return mine, and I couldn't. To me, that is the real shoddy business practice.)

12. You can often find coupons and/or competitive prices for the Keeper, that allow people with a lower income to have access to the wonderful world of menstrual cups. It is a FIRST class product at a great price. Yeah, Diva is also in the lower end of the scale of prices, but MANY women try it, hate it, and decide not to look any further into better designed cups. While a woman that is VERY satisfied with her keeper, may out of curiosity want to try either Moon Cup or Lunette just for the thrill of it and as a back up for her precious Keeper/Mooncup

This is just my opinion on the subject.

Feel free to agree or disagree. I just got tired of reading about people being upset about their business practices without giving this SUPERB product a chance.

Yes, I like to root for the underdog.
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