the narrator (stumbling_in) wrote in menstrual_cups,
the narrator

Flow too light?

I've been interested in getting a menstrual cup for a little while now, but I'm a little curious about something. My menstrual flow is pretty light, for the first day of my period I require a regular-sized tampon, the next day requires a light tampon, and for the rest 2-3 days I wear a pad and then I can slide on panty-liners.

I know I could use the cup for my first day, but what about the rest? Would it be ok to use the cup when my flow becomes really light the following days? Would I be able to get much use out of my cup?

Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but I've heard that flow can affect which cup you should decide on. I'm thinking about a Mooncup UK as I am also a very petite young lady along with my light flow.
Tags: mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues

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