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Suction and Fullness of Cup?

I'm in the middle of my second cycle using the DivaCup, but it feels like I've been using it for a lot longer. I did a fair amount of research beforehand and have been really excited about it for several months.

Anyway, it was really helpful to read about people's experiences here, so I thought I'd share mine before asking a question.

I'm a 19 year old who has never had never been penetrated by anything wider than a finger or a tampon, so I was a little nervous about using it. I got it in the mail a few days after my period was over (yay, timing!) and I was so excited about it that I thought I would try a few dry runs. I figured out quickly that the "C fold" they instruct you to use is crap. So I tried a few other folds, and had more success, but ultimately no matter how hard I tried or how much lube I used, I couldn't get it in for a dry run. It was painful and discouraging.

But when my period finally came, it took no more than ten minutes to get it in the first day, and less and less each time. Now I can do it in about ten or fifteen seconds. I use the origami fold.

So yeah, insertion? No longer a problem.

Removal was painful at first, before I figured out that you can fold it in half a little bit to remove it. During my first cycle, though, it wasn't painful removing it without folding it because of the suction; it was only painful because I was pulling something so wide through what I assume to be a partially-intact hymen.

My first cycle with the DivaCup was lighter than usual. I never filled the cup, even after 12 hours.

This cycle, though, has been heavier. Yesterday I filled the cup in about 8 hours. Not obscenely heavy, and certainly manageable. I went to remove it earlier than I would have because I noticed it was leaking, which I had never had a problem with before.

I tried to remove it the same way I always do: by reaching around inside with my finger and thumb until I can get a hold of the base of the cup. I pinch it, pull it down until the stem is outside of me, fold it a little with my finger, and pull it out the rest of the way.

Well, first of all, it was harder to fold because it was full and slippery. But I got it folded a little bit, and moved to pull it out. But before I could get it out completely, the turbo suction immediately locked on to my vaginal opening and surrounding areas, which was incredibly painful. I couldn't get my finger in to release the suction; finally I pulled hard enough. Gaaaah!

Today was another heavy day. I woke up in the morning, having learned my lesson, and decided to reach up with a finger and press in on the rim to release the suction. After some finagling, I was rewarded with a gross slurpy suction noise, so I decided to try pulling it out like normal after that. But the same thing happened! Ouch!

Tonight (after 10 hours) I was leaking again, so I had to remove it. This time I tried poking the rim in a few times from different sides. This proved to be painful, because the base of the cup was partway out. Add the width of my finger, and that was pretty stressful on my vaginal opening at certain angles. I had less of a suction problem taking it out, but it almost wasn't worth the almost ten minutes. Not to mention the fact that I looked like an ax murderer afterwards.

The first cylce's flow was light, kind of brown, and thick. This cycle is more typical: heavier, red, bloody. Why do I get SO MUCH more suction with a full or almost full cup of the latter than a half or quarter full cup of the former? What can I do to release some of it quickly and painlessly?

This problem aside, I've been so happy with the DivaCup on so many levels. I even spent the whole day out in the 100-degree heat the other day, moving boxes and parading and such, and that would have been so miserable with pads and tampons begging to be changed and being otherwise irritating. It's very satisfying to do something so good for the environment and my body, and I like getting to know my vagina better in the process.
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