Abby (abigezunt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

thekeeper customer loyalty, and cervical caps for BC

hi everyone,

i'm new to this community, but i've been using the keeper for 7 or 8 years now. i found the community because i'm in the market for my first replacement cup and i was checking the intertron to try and figure out if i should get another keeper or one of these newfangled silicone cups. i'm tending toward buying the keeper brand silicone cup, because i feel customer loyalty to the company for being the lone supplier of this product for so many years, which now has to compete in an all of a sudden very crowded market. however, it looks like the diva cup costs half as much. so i might go with that, but i feel guilty doing so.

anyway, the real reason i posted is something a little off topic, but i know it's been discussed here before (about 2 years ago, in the memories). you see, i've also used the prentif cervical cap for birth control for about 6 years, and it's worked great. unfortunately, the company went out of business (their product was too good, you only needed to buy one!) and now i'm having a hard time figuring out a replacement for it. there are all these other cervical barriers on the market - leah's sheild, the femcap, and some non-US caps that look interesting but hard to get in the states. i'm curious if anyone on this community is using any of these (i figured, once you start putting rubber cups up there, you just can't stop! ha.) and if so, how it's working out for you, where you got it, etc.

i live in the boston area and i can't for the life of me find a doctor or midwife or clinic that has ever even heard of these barrier methods, let alone someone who sells and fits them. i read in the memories that there were people on here who were trained to do cervical cap fittings, and i'm curious if anyone still is in this new post-prentif cervical cap market.

any tips would be very appreciated. :)
Tags: diaphragms & cervical caps
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