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Premature opening - insertion problems

Hi, ladies. I looked through the mems and tags and couldn't find this particular problem, but if you know of a post addressing it, please do link to it. Thanks :)

I just bought a Keeper Cup, size B, for an upcoming month-long trip in which I will be living in a tent. I have never used a cup before, but I have been aware of them for some time.

I decided to give it a go before I actually arrive at my destination and I'm nearly at my wit's end.

The long and short of it is that the damn thing keeps popping open before I even get it up into my vagina! My vag is curvy (I don't know if others' are like this too, as I haven't examined anyone else's vagina), in that the first half inch to inch is pointed toward my lower back and then it quickly tuns up into my uterus the rest of the way. I guess it's getting snagged on that turn and popping open? It fucking HURTS! It pops open and stretches the skin in a very unpleasant way and then snaps out, slapping and chafing and hurting me from that first inch of my vag to the labia! I gave up 15 minutes ago, and I'm still hurting! I never did get it in :(

I do the general "C" fold that they recommended in the instructions and at first couldn't even get it starting up there (and still popped open unexpectedly), and then I turned it 90 degrees (and did a little bit of self-lubing) and it started to slide in, but that's where this premature opening problem comes in. If I hold the fold down toward the stem, it's easier to start it getting in (because my fingers aren't in the way up top), but the fold isn't as stable. If I hold the top together, I can't get it in because I'm suddenly trying to get a folded cup AND two semi-bent fingers in there and it just isn't working for me.

Good lord, I hope all that makes sense.

Can anyone help? How can I get this stupid thing to stop popping open prematurely? I keep seeing all these things in comments of other posts about different folds, but I don't see a tag or memory for folds, so is there some kind of master list of various folding techniques? EDIT: durrrrrr... the "tags" I was looking through were the ones on the *right* of the main page, not the list in the comm info (I didn't realize they were different), so I'll look at the folds listed in there, but I am still looking for any help anyone is willing to provide :)

I just want to cry, this is sooooo frustrating :( I don't have time before my trip to mail order a different kind; I bought this one locally at Whole Foods. If all else fails, I can bring "traditional" products, but I want this to work!

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