Toni (toni_molko) wrote in menstrual_cups,

boiled dry

Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to ask this, since it's not directly a question about the cup, but I figure many of the ladies here have experienced this, so if anyone can help me, it will be here!

So, I boiled my diva cup dry, I forgot about it there on the stove, and though I got very mad at myself, I'm ok with it now and have ordered a new one. But I don't know what to do about my saucepan! It's got melted blackened silicone all over the bottom, and it doesn't seem to scrape off easily when I scratch it with a fork. I tried soaking it in water but it hasn't made a difference, I guess that's not surprising. I don't want to throw the saucepan out because it's the one I always use for cooking, the perfect size for cooking noodles or whatever, and I don't have another one. So I'm wondering, what have other people done with their burnt, silicone covered saucepans? Could you get rid of the silicone or did you have to throw it out? I think I could prbably scrub it for a while with a scourer/steel wool but I'm hesitant because if I miss a tiny little bit that I can't see at the edge or something I don't know what the effects of that would be when I cook with it. Is there any chemical you can buy that would dissolve the silicone or something? I'm thinking probably not but it's worth a try.
Tags: cleaning - boiling

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