tomorrowendy (tomorrowendy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

so the little irritation i had that i thought came from my use of the cup is actually a [hopefully] random yeast infection. and i think it was the anti-bacterial soap i would sometimes use to clean it [plus my anti-biotics]. i became paranoid about the soap before my period began so i chose not to use it every time. only when i thought the cup needed to be extra clean. i guess i wont be using soap on it anymore. not a problem.

i read on here that yogurt can help cure yeast infections. for some reason, i was too out of it to notice that vagina_pagina disappeared off the face of the earth so i'm hoping it's okay to ask these questions. do you have to douche or do anything specific to clean yourself out once you've used the yogurt? or does it just fall out completely on its own? the thought of a dairy product sitting inside you is pretty gross and i'm hoping that things dont start...rotting, hah. i've rinsed myself but i'm not sure if that's enough. this was one crazy idea.

my fault. vaginapagina lives!
Tags: yeast infections
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