lobster14 (lobster14) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I am a new mooncup user....and thus far i LOVE it. it works perfectly and it has been even better than i thought it was going to be.  i do have one question. when i received my mooncup, it came in its pouch in an envelope.  not wrapped in plastic in any way. at the time i thought it was to reduce packaging/garbage, but now i am concerned. (paranoid).  obviously something coming packed in plastic or sealed does not mean its new or clean, but i was just wondering if this was normal.  i ordered directly from the mooncup uk website. any thoughts would be appreciated. (oh i also washed and boiled the cup before using it). 

on another note, i think this group is great.  it is because of all the enthusiam shown here that i decided to try the reusable cups in the first place. thanks! i love it!

Tags: mooncup (uk)
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