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So my period got here yesterday (after 36 days instead of the regular 43 - maybe all the diva runs sucked it out faster, haha), and yesterday went quite well. I leaked a little after the first insertion as a result of it not opening all the way around (I foolishly figured it wouldn't matter). Throughout the whole day, though, there was nothing a pantyliner couldn't handle. 

But then night and my heavy day came, and I have to say I'm feeling rather underwhelmed. 

I woke up at around around six in the morning, after five hours of sleep. I think I had a dream of copious blood loss before this, which I soon discovered was VERY accurate. Despite that I'd worn cloth pads as a back-up, there was almost nothing on them, but instead a giant blood patch on the butt of my underwear. NOT pleased. When I emptied the cup it was half-full at best (unless the spillage was another half - I can't tell). 

And I started leaking again within 20 minutes. Obviously, the cup is no where close to full after 20 minutes. 

It's basically the same story today. It won't. Stop. Leaking. I feel it pop open, I know it's sealed, I know that my cervix is completely inside the cup, and I know that it is no where close to full when it leaks. It's more than a pantyliner can take, as well. 

I know the first couple of periods with cups are usually at least slightly hellish, but this really has got to stop - while most people feel better about their bodies with the cup, it's making me hate my stupid-ass vagina and uterus. So how do I make this STOP? On the plus side though, I don't think the church toilets had ever seen such carnage before today.
Tags: first time use, teething troubles
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