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bigger cup?

hi all! i'm tired of bleeding all over my panties the first three days of my period. i put it in correctly, i twist it around, i wipe up all the blood before inseriting it around the area, and i stick my finger and toliet paper around the circle to make sure that there's no extra blood, and i STILL have my panties covered in blood the main days that i bleed! and it doesn't fill up the cup.

right now i'm using the diva cup, i'm threw with it but i don't want to go back to tampons or pads, but right now it's like i'm not using anything at all!

out of the other choices which would you suggest i use? are there any cups out there bigger than the diva cup? do you suggest a different type of natural menstration protection like the luna pad or something else i don't know of?

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