tomorrowendy (tomorrowendy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Success with a tiny problem mixed in.

that was me a couple months ago, mad as all hell. i gave up on the divacup [actually returned it today] and decided to try out a lunette. what a difference! it was so much easier to handle. it has worked wonderfully for me since i've had it. i am now on my third cycle with it and it wasnt until just yesterday that i started to notice something. i noticed i was itchy and there were these bumps that appeared. i think the stem of the cup is causing some irritation. the thing is though, i cut the stem off months ago. perhaps i didnt cut it off correctly but i've never had this problem until now. the cup feels like it's sitting lower than usual which would explain why the base is irritating me [but it's in there securely]. is there some way to kind of round the edges where the stem was? or is the stem not even the problem? anyone else having this kind of trouble? again, i love my lunette.

thanks for any advice/understanding that might come my way.
Tags: chafing/irritation, stem length/trimming

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