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Hello Everybody,

I have some issues with my new Diva Cup that hopefully someone could help me with! 

First, I really like the menstrual cup. I'm concerned about the environment and I feel good doing something about it by buying a reusable menstrual cup, I don't want to switch back to tampons or pads. The Diva Cup, so far, has been great, but not while I'm sleeping. Before I go to bed I make sure the cup is sealed and comfortable inside me, but the past two nights it has leaked. I really don't know why... has this happened to anyone else? Also, how do I know the Diva Cup is in the correct position? They say on the instructions to make sure the stem is 1/2 inch inside, but I'm never able to position it that far in.

Second, I love to jog and went for a run the other day, but during my run the cup sank quite low to the point I was afraid it might fall out, I had to stop. However, today I went for a jog, and the cup managed to stay reasonably put, but it did lower a bit. Has anyone else occurred problems like this? 

I tried emailing the Diva Cup question address, and they responded, but weren't very helpful, they basically told me to re-read the instructions that came with the Cup.

Any information would be helpful!! Thanks!

Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting

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