Tamara (firesorceress) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time Instead user (funny smell?), how to size reusables, sex with cup?

I bought my first box of Insteads just yesterday, and have since told probably 8 people about them.  I'm very excited about it!  However, when I took my first one out last night, I noticed that it smelled rather bad.  Does anyone else notice an icky smell when they take their cup out?
Also, I'm planning on getting an IUD next month, so I know I'll have to buy a reusable cup and no longer use the Insteads.  Since the Insteads work ok, do I just get a "normal" sized one?  Is there any other way to size yourself?
And, sex with Insteads.  I want to, but I'm worried that since my bf is kinda large that it'll just break the seal and get blood everywhere.  It seems like with the way it sits, that he would just push against the side of it and it would collapse.  Yet it sounds like lots of you have done it successfully?  Do you have any tips?
Tags: instead, sexual activity, sizes/size issues

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